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General Questions

  1. What is Sledge Hockey?

    Sledge Hockey began in Europe in 1966. In 1982 sledge hockey began in Canada with many organized club teams quickly developing shortly thereafter. In 1990, the 1st International Rules for Sledge Hockey were drafted from Canadian Rules. Sledge Hockey has been part of the Paralympic Games since 1994 and has become Canada’s fast growing winter sport. Sledge Hockey is almost the same as able-bodied hockey and complies with the same rules as the IIHF. (International Ice Hockey Federation) Players sit close to the ice strapped tightly inside a bucket type seat fastened to a cast aluminum frame that has been fitted with two skate blades placed beneath the bucket. For the latest modifications and customized sledges visit www.uniqueinventionsinc.com. Players propel themselves across the ice using two hockey sticks that are about one third of the length of a regular hockey stick, and ‘which are tipped with a six point pick’. Sledge Hockey is typically a full contact sport. Players are fully equipped with the same hockey equipment and protection that you would be expected to wear in an able-bodied hockey game.

  2. Will my child or I as a player get hurt?

    At a recreational level sledge hockey is a non-contact, skill development, learn to play sport.

    All players require personal equipment meeting the same standards as stand up hockey. Sledges are designed to provide a safe alternative to skates.

    There is risk in any sport; however Sledge Hockey at a recreational level is not considered a high risk sport.

  3. What equipment do I need to play?

    Properly fitted CSA approved helmet, neck guard, hockey gloves, shoulder pads, shin guards, hockey pants (or adapted pants to fit the sledge), hockey jersey and possibly socks are the equipment needed to play sledge hockey. A sledge and sledge hockey sticks are also required.

    We can help direct you to possible funding assistance.

  4. What is the cost to play?

    Ice Rental is very expensive and you will be asked to assist with a seasonal participation fee. The cost to you is already subsidized by local agencies and fundraising. Should the participation fee be of concern we can help direct you to possible funding assistance.

  5. Who can play?

    Anyone (male or female, child or adult) who has a physical medical condition which inhibits them from playing stand up hockey can learn to play this sport.

  6. Can I try it out before I decide?

    Demonstrations and chances to participate or try a sledge can be arranged through Woolwich Sledge Hockey. Click the Contact Us button and send us an email to find out more.

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Legal Information

  1. Where can I access the WSH Constitution and By-Laws?

    Please contact us and we will be happy to send you a pdf copy.
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