Woolwich Sledge Hockey

Home of the Woolwich Thrashers.

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President: Melissa Papaioannou

Past President: Peter Papaioannou

Vice President: Mamie Sealey-Baker

Hockey Operations: Keith Metzger

Secretary: Alison Westman

Treasurer: Murray Stoddart

Directors at Large: Mike O'Brien, Harold Chamberlain, Clifton Cope, Tanya Chambers and Tracey Growden and John McCarthy

Registrar: Jeanette Bomhoff and Tracey Growden

Fundraising:  Sandy Metzger, Jeanette Bomhoff, Barb Harnock, Tanya Chambers, Deb Chambers and Alison Westman

Special Events: Tara O'Brien, Harold Chamberlain, Tracey Growden and Melissa Papaioannou

Team Wear:  Evelyn Menkveld

Public Relations/Social Media/Website: John McCarthy and Melissa Papaioannou

Representative to OSHA: Clifton Cope